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  • You don’t need to worry about the increment in food prices either.
  • You don’t need to ever worry about the looming global recession
  • You don’t need to worry about the present inflation rate
  • You don’t need to worry about hike in Nepa, Petroleum triplings in price anymore.

November 2023..

Kano, Nigeria

We’re in a deep mess!

Yes. You and I are in a deep mess and there’s no denying it.

Insecurity is rife, with kidnappings and terrorism at an all-time high.

It’s no news that we’re in a deep mess in this country.

We’re in a deep recession and it keeps getting worse.

Because the one that’s to come will be crazier.

According to the World Bank…

The coming years’ recession will be global.

So there’s nowhere you’re… you will be affected by this recession.

Now add Nigeria’s economic decline to it.

We are almost doomed.

Have You Seen The Recent Dollar To Naira Rate?

It’s crazy.

And the effect of this is the hike in the price of common goods.

Do you know the price of Garri right now compared to last year?

What about rice?






Even things as simple as toothpaste are getting crazily expensive. It’s no more easily accessible for the common man.

And We Are Being Told It Will Be Worse Than Before In The Coming Year.
But that’s not the end of it all…

What about the workers?

The salary earners? They were the king before, especially at the end of the month.
But now?

It’s Getting Harder For Them To Buy Things Needed While Relying On Their Salaries.

Many would have gone to take a lot of loans before the salary comes…And when it comes… it’s used to service loans. It keeps going in circles.

And as of April 2023, when I am writing this letter to you, the minimum wage is (said to be) just 50 thousand Naira.

Does the government officials adopt to it?

And a bag of rice is also 50 thousand Naira.

Now tell me, how will a whole family survive in this country?


And it’s gonna get harder according to what the IMF and World Bank are saying..

We can’t control it. You and I are not the government.

We can only find a way to wriggle out of it to make sure it doesn’t affect us.

Because none of these mess is affecting the elites


And the only way?

Find An Extra Source of Income.

Find something that will bring you money without relying on the Nigerian government or private entities.

Inflation is killing everyone.

It’s tough.

You will find it hard to buy whatever you want for yourself because there’s no money.

You won’t be able to provide for friends and family because there’s no money.
You will feel frustrated about everything and just want things to get better.

And here we are with more threats of a global recession.

It is now common knowledge that the government has failed us.

They don’t care about you and me.

All they care about is how to embezzle the little money flowing into the economy.

And that’s what they will keep doing.

That’s all they care about and not you or I.

The whole Nigerian system has failed us.

And it is time you realize that “no one can save you except YOU.”

Nobody owes you anything.

Despite my tender age, I could say, I realized this kind of late in my life and I don’t want the same for you.

And saying this reminded me of my rough journey. I finished quite well in school with an Engineering Bachelor degree.

But when I needed to go to NYSC and start enjoying my N33k monthly alawee. JAMB and ASUU caused me to lose to serve the country due to age barrier.

I couldn’t go to NYSC with my mates and I was so devastated.

Was not been able to taste the sweetness of Alawee

I couldn’t do anything for almost a whole year and was sulking…

And I decided to find work….

As you know, it was so tough. I was rejected almost everywhere.

One lucky weekend..

While chatting with a friend of mine

Recommended me to a school who were looking for a further mathematics teacher…

I said to myself, this should be the time I should give it another try

A mind told me from behind not to, but I forced myself to write an application letter to which i was offered the job on a salary scale of just 15k monthly..

Have been struggling to have a raise in salary

Which later, I was considered and paid 17k on monthly basis
I was in that circle for about a year or 2 when some misconceptions occurred to which were against my own standards

The scenario has to force me to leave and quit the job without being paid my last salary..

It’s hard!

Life becomes so hard indeed, was trying to meet end meets, make my self and momma proud

Every step i took next seems discouraging

I tried different business online (Money doubling ventures precisely)

But it’s all to no avail..

After a series of disappointment, frustrations and failure

I later told myself never to do anything online again because of the disappointments it always has..

Fast forward, i was in that mess to when i received a call from a good friend of mine

Who pretty well knew of all my struggles…

Who notified me of a business that I can be making at least 50k weekly on the internet from home…

I was really amazed, the pressure of flow my blood suddenly almost starts to break the veins to which they flow through

My heart beat starts to race towards the desire of earning 50k weekly..

I couldn’t control the feelings anymore…

This information came at the right time and it transformed my life

The information I received is the exact info I will show you on this page.

I’m pretty sure it will transform your life as it transformed mine.

  • It will help you live through this recession without fear (and with money)
  • It will set you up for life for whatever you want to do for yourself
  • It will give you the opportunity to afford whatever you want for yourself and your family member without thinking of the recession.
  • You get to spend without thinking of where the next money is coming from.

And many more good things you have always wished for yourself.

But before I get into the information I discovered and also show you this information…

Let’s come to an even term.

This Information Is Not For You If:


  • You think everything is a scam
  • You think this is a Ponzi scheme where you put money and you start making money without working hard
  • If you also think you are fine with the lifestyle you’re living right now, and you don’t need to earn more.

It’s not for you.

And I’m sorry I have raised your hopes high.

You can kindly exit this page now.



But If You’re Still Here And You Are:

  • A student that now knows what life after school looks like and you need something to give you a better life
  • A student that wants to fend for himself
  • A graduate that wants to sit at home and never have to deal with going to work and earning peanut
  • A working-class that needs a side hustle to fund your preferred life like traveling and flexing
  • A married individual that wants to give his or her child the best and also wants to experience the best for him or herself.
    Or anything in between.

Just stick around because by the time you get to the end of this page… you would have discovered:

The sole information that changed my life and many others Nigerians just like you and how it can change yours too


Hey there,

My name is Umar Abubakar Abdulwasi

Friends and Students call me Sir UK (Umar Kura)

I am an internet marketer that has made almost 10 Million Naira in just 3 years with this tiny piece of information I about to show you.


The question now is:

What is this good news that has been helping me and other thousands of Nigerians just like you make a lot of money… and how does it work?

Now, let’s backtrack a little bit.

One thing I want you to realize is that…The day I discovered this tiny piece of information was the day my life changed.

The day my students and many thousands of lucky Nigerians discovered this tiny piece of information was the day their lives changed.

And I’m pretty sure your life will change today too if you follow everything I will be telling you about this tiny piece of information + my missing key today.

I have also gone on to become someone who can boast of over 7 Million Naira done in sales where over 70% of that is my pure profit.

And not only that, but I have also gone on to train some folks in the internet world to achieve their financial goal;

Here are what some of them have to say

Like Inuwa who made over 1 million with this information

Or Hassan who made his first 2 sales using this information


And this same opportunity is what I am here to offer to you too.


The question is…


Will you take it or not?


Let’s see.


But firstly, what was the thing I was able to do on my smartphone and make so much money?

It’s called Affiliate marketing.

And yes, I know you might have heard about it before. Or maybe you are even part of those who think affiliate marketing is a scam.

Or you’re part of those people who think affiliate marketing is a Ponzi scheme. And you have decided to never have anything to do with it.

Well, this is fine. It’s your choice.

But according to Kinsta, a global statistical website on the internet, the Affiliate marketing industry is worth over $17 Billion.

Kinsta image

Tell me, would you want to leave that amount of money behind without taking your share?

I believe not.

And that’s why I will implore you to have an open mind and stay with me in the next few lines of this page.

Cool? Good.

For the sake of clarity, let me break down affiliate marketing for you right on this page.

But before that, you need to know that affiliate marketing is not:

Bring 2 people and get x amount of money
It’s not a referral program
It’s not an investment program

A Ponzi scheme
Not MMM either.


And What Exactly Is Affiliate Marketing?
Affiliate marketing is simply recommending useful and helpful products to people who need them and can afford them and getting paid a commission each time a sale is made.

It could be a digital or physical product.

An example is when your uncle wants to sell a car.

And then your friend wants to buy a car… you told him the spec of the car your uncle wants to sell and he said he’s interested.

You took him to your uncle and your uncle sold the car to your friend.

Your uncle will give you a cut as a thank you for helping him sell the car.’

And that cut is called a commission in the affiliate marketing industry.

It can be a 10%, 20%, or even 50% commission.

One more example?


If you use Piggy Vest or cowry wise to save.

There’s an affiliate link for you in your dashboard.

All you have to do is tell your friend about the platform and how awesome it is.

Then if your friend uses your link to register on the platform, then you will get a cut as a thank you for bringing your friend to use their platform.

Simple, yeah? Exactly

But it’s not always that easy, especially when you want to make a lot of money.

Your friends only can’t make you thousands and even millions of Naira just like this Grace who made over 4 Million Naira below

Or Aisha who made over 1 million in simply by recommending those useful products online.

Oven Stanislaus Who went to making over 10 million Naira in pure profits..

And you might be like Patricia who made 2 million in just 4 months of starting….


The main reason you can’t make as much money as the ones I just showed you above

Is simply because your friends are not that many to give a lot of commissions.

How then do you get a lot of people to buy from your affiliate link? This is where we make it better.

This is where a difference is made between affiliate marketers who make a lot of money and the ones that make a meager amount of money.


Instead of begging your friends and families to buy a product using your affiliate links, you will have to talk to strangers. But it’s not an easy thing to do.


I found it very hard too when I started.


I struggled and didn’t even make a dime in my first 4 months


In the 5th month, I made just one sale after wasting a lot of money here and there.


Then I started searching for the solution because I see others making a lot of money… Why not me?


And after a lot of trial and error.


I found it. The missing link, the missing information..


The missing key.


The one that made me wait for 1 year to make my first 1M. The key that many affiliate marketers are looking for to make a lot of money.

I found the missing key and tried it…

It took me from someone making a sale monthly into someone that makes a lot of sales in a week.


Like 227k in a week.

147k in a week.

122k in 7 days


I knew this missing key will change the way my folks get results with affiliate marketing.

And this missing key is what I want to give to you on this page too.

So if you are:

  • An affiliate marketer that’s finding it hard to make sales
  • An affiliate marketer that’s stuck at one part of his journey
  • An affiliate marketer making money but wants to make more money
  • Someone that has wanted to do affiliate marketing but doesn’t know where to start
    I’m Pretty Sure This Missing Key Will Help You.


But there’s a problem I faced after discovering this missing key.

I’m kind of sort of a perfectionist.

I like my things to be perfect and straight to the point.

So when I realized this missing key still takes at least 6 months for newbies to make their first sale.

I decided to make it better.

I want it to make you money fast if you follow everything I will say about it.

I want it to be the only thing you will need to start making a lot of money fast and very fast. So I worked more on this missing key…

I refined it, tweaked it, and even beat it until it was kind of a perfect work. Now, instead of taking 230 days to make your first sale,

You Can Now Take Just 90 Days Or Even Less To Make Consistent Sales.

And this means:

✓ You can easily live your best life without even worrying about money
✓ You can effortlessly afford whatever you need at the right time.
✓ You also find it easy to take good care of your friends and families.
✓ You take occasional vacations if you don’t want to leave the country
✓ You will also find it easy to Japa because you can afford it.


And I have packaged this refined missing key into


Yes, it’s not a course, unlike everything you have been seeing.

It is a 90 Days implementation program created to teach anyone how to make money by selling other people’s products online.

It is structured to ensure you make at least 250k within 90 days of following its training.

And just like Halima said, this program is all you need to become a successful affiliate marketer.

Everything is structured into this 90 days implementation program and all you have to do is pick one lesson per day for the 30 days

Go through them and implement the lesson for the day for 60 days


And Here Are Some Of The Things You Will See Inside The AFFILIATE MARKETING MASTERY BLUEPRINT Course:


This is an interactive session where I explain a lot of things concerning your mindset.

 First of all, it’s not possible to make 250k in 90 days if you did not even believe that it’s possible for you..


Since this is the most important part of the equation. I addressed this before anything else in the first module.


This module will help refine your mindset to let you know exactly where you are today, Where you want to be and even how to get there!!

I have seen a lot of nonsense in the online marketing world and what people are being taught is not right.


And by the time you’re done with this part of the program… you will never encounter some mindset limitations again just like What Mubarak has to say.


Either you’re a newbie or an intermediate affiliate marketer…




You don’t want to miss this module because the definition and introduction I will be doing here will open your eyes to a lot of untold things.



You will get to realize what a lot of people don’t know which is making them misunderstand affiliate marketing.



And that’s not all…



I will also be revealing the untold definition of affiliate marketing that makes all the difference.




I will also talk about the types of affiliate marketing you can do and the best ones to do so you can make a lot of money.



I will also dive into the affiliate marketing networks you can use and how to get started on them



When you’re done with this part of the program, you’re all ready and geared up to start your journey.



Firstly…Product research is the steps you take in selecting a profitable product that you want to sell.


This is one of the biggest challenge people have when starting out their affiliate marketing business.


They don’t know what product to sell


They don’t know where to see them


And they don’t know how to sell them.


But the most important thing is not knowing how to research the product you sell.


And if you get this wrong, you won’t make any money from this.

This Is Why In This Part Of The Program, I Will Be Showing You:

Why is product research important?
The market you should go to promote a product
What to check in any product you’re selling
A practical example of conducting product research and picking a good product.
And many more.




A sales funnel is the process somebody passes through from being a stranger to becoming a buyer from you.


And as simple as this sounds, it’s pretty important to have it dialed in successfully or else… you will have a lot of problems with selling.


This is why I drilled deep into this section of the program so you don’t make any mistakes when doing yours

I Will Be Showing You Things Like:

The 6 sales funnel stages and how to structure them to fit whatever product you’re promoting.

The WhatsApp sales funnel secret that I and my top students use (no one other than those I have shown knows this)

Various sales funnel examples that you can model

Funnels and how you can easily model them.


Your WhatsApp is a money-printing app… and that’s only if you know how to use it that way.


Now the question is…


How do you make your WhatsApp a money-printing app for you?

That’s Why This Part Of The Program Is Very Important For You Because I Will Be Talking About Things Like:

The secret strategy on how to effectively sell to people who already know you on why status without having to plead with them.

Building a long-term relationship with ever new customers on your WhatsApp for the first time.

How to make money from WhatsApp even if you have just 10 status views.

Issues you will encounter while trying to make money on WhatsApp and how to overcome them.

The best type of WhatsApp to use when doing WhatsApp marketing (not the one you think)

Super affiliate WhatsApp system that I and my top students use.

You will learn the hidden secrets to make money on Whatsapp.


Organic traffic simply means…


Generating leads (potential customers) without paying for any thing to get them.


It’s totally FREE.


And this is the secret you would wish you have known before now.


And that’s why I won’t be saying anything much about it.


But the program will teach you how to generate tons lots of buying customers for FREE


This is the advanced level of affiliate marketing.


In case you want to automate your money-making in affiliate marketing without having to attend to people on WhatsApp every now and then…


Then this is for you.


You will be learning:

What landing pages are used for
What domains are
What hosting are
What to consider before buying domain name and hosting
How to login to your Cpanel and start building your website
How to install WordPress with elementor and how to use it
Plugins to use and how to get them
Things you need to understand when designing your landing page
Websites that will give you the perfect understanding of color and how to combine them on your landing page


Remember I talked about organic traffic secrets?

As at the time of writing this
They are 41.8 active facebook users in Nigeria
What does this tell you?
There are 41 million buyers who are actively ready to buy what you are selling, and this program will teach you the right strategies on how to attract the ready to buy customers of your product for FREE


Truth is for you to keep making good money online

You have to post the types of content that attract buyers and get them to click on your product.

And none of this has to be hard.Neither does it have to take a lot of your time.

With what we’ll be showing you in…

You’ll be taught how to remove all the guesswork around content creation and instead help you produce hours of powerful content within a fraction of the time using Al.

You won’t be doing any copying and pasting.

Neither will you be paying anyone to do it for you.

And more



Tiktok is a very underrated platform for generating tons of organic traffic.

That’s one reason most gurus out there perhaps don’t understand how it works

Or even if they do, they can’t use it properly.

So in this program you’ll be taught exactly how to use TikTok and generate massive customers

That’ll buy from you consistently without having to beg or even force them

For a shy people like me, you don’t need to dance to attracts those customers


If you are looking for one of the highly congested place on the internet where Nigerians gather to look for and opportunity

Say no more, simply log in to Nairaland.

Here you’ll find every caliber of interested people in whatever industry you belongs to

However, you should have to know the exact framework to use inorder to attract you real buyers and thousands of them from Nairaland

In this training you’ll be getting the insider tips on how to generate tons lots of buying customers absolutely for FREE from Nairaland


As much as this platform is full of banters and trolls, it’s still one of the best platforms to generate FREE leads for your business.

Unlike what most of the internet markers say about twitter, that

For you to get followers, you also must be having on your profile;

A good and catchy header

A high defined photo of yourself

A well crafted bio etc

Most of these folks get it the wrong way

In this program, you’ll learn how to attract thousands of followers without having to fulfill any of the above mentioned criteria.

In fact, you can even decide to use a cartoon character

Yes, and still make your Audience engaged


Influencer marketing is also called the collaboration with some top influencers.


It’s also the making use of influencers to sell or market whatever you sell.

And In This Part Of The Program, I Talked About:

The untold secrets behind highly converting influencer marketing

What to do to get massive results in influencer marketing

The best type of influencers you should find and use

How to make influencers read and reply to your DM

What to look out for in influencers you want to use

Which platform influencers is best to use
Influencers are expensive but here’s how you can get them for cheap prices
And many more..


People say WhatsApp group marketing doesn’t work again.


Many even say people are now wise and won’t take your offer again.


And while this is true, it can still be bypassed. You can still host a WhatsApp group class and make at least 200k per training.

And This Is Why In This Part Of The Program, I Will Be Showing You:
The 3 important things to look out for before hosting a WhatsApp group class
What to do while creating the WhatsApp group to avoid spammers
How to fill up your WhatsApp group without paying a dime for ads
How to incentivize people so they can help you fill up your WhatsApp group
How to leverage on the existing audience you have


I know I have talked about organic traffic and how you don’t need to run ads to make money.


But there’s always a limit to FREE stuff.


The millions of Naira you want to make can rarely be made with organic traffic.


And in as much as you have made a lot of money with organic traffic, why not skyrocket your earnings by running ads?




And that’s why I brought a Facebook and Instagram advert expert to show you how it’s done.

He Will Be Showing You:

The right mindset needed to run an advert
The myths around running ads and how to get over them
The best approach to advertisement
The best approach to advertisement
The key terms you should pay attention to and how they work
But that’s not all, he also went into the Facebook advert dashboard to show us practical things like

How to set up a Facebook business manager account
How to understand the complexities of the business manager dashboard
Where to test your account health and see if there’s a problem or not to avoid bans
How to create ad account on Facebook
How to create a pixel and link it to your landing page
What to do before creating your advert at all
How to create an advert from scratch
The Facebook advertising regulations
How to get your page likes on fleek when running an advert (it’s legal but a trick)
And he still went ahead to show:

How to conduct research for advert
The writing ad content and creatives

And many more will be revealed in this program…


This program covers the most important things that I don’t even want to mention here so as not to attract the lazy ones.

Now, I know the question you have is:

How much to enroll in the AMMBassador program?

I will tell you in a moment how you can easily get in with a price that can ONLY be found here on this page.

But you will agree with me that with everything inside the AMMBassador program…

Paying N200,000 is a good deal, yeah?



And to even make it a good deal for you if you get the AMMBassador program today…

I want to give you 6 huge bonuses that will pay for themselves within a month of studying and implementing what’s in the bonus.
Yes, I know that’s a huge promise but it’s a fact.


These bonuses are worth more than any price I will be placing on them.


And I think the handwriting on the wall is saying…

The bonuses are not cheap and they are damn valuable so you have to take them seriously to help you on your affiliate marketing journey.


And here you go



This is the creme la creme of my WhatsApp system because it’s more like me giving you everything I have been using to make money.


All you have to do is generate traffic by following everything inside the  AMMBassador program. Put them into a WhatsApp group.


Use my WhatsApp class script.


And expect money and sales because it’s a proven script.


This is worth N35,000 but you’re getting it for FREE if you get into the AMMBassador today.


I’ll not and am not bursting of anything, but believe me if i say, not even on Google not Wikipedia or even On chat gpt will you find any of these templates

They are templates specifically designed to bring in you tons of sales through making your customers take their money out of their pockets without you having to for or beg them… 

Basically, anything you need to make your first, second, third, twenty fifth sales is practically designed for you just copy and paste templates.


This is for you if you’re a newbie finding it pretty hard to make your first sale.


You see, the hardest part of anything is getting that first win, the first step.


If you get that win, you will be motivated to get more wins.


But this first win can be pretty hard to get. And that’s why making your first sale is a daunting task for newbie affiliate marketers.

But if you follow everything I outlined in this bonus guide, you will find:

The important things you need to do before making your first sale.

The only barrier that can prevent you from making your first sale and how to overcome it.

The tactics I used in making my first sale

What to do after that first sale

And many more.

This is worth N22,000 but you’re getting it for FREE today.


Instead of having to spend a lot of money paying graphics designers to help you create stunning designs…


What if you can learn it by yourself?


And that’s not all…


Sometimes, you will have a design concept in your head and your designer won’t probably get it the way you want…

What if you can easily just create your concept by yourself?

Exactly what this bonus will help you achieve.



And you will also get some design templates that you only need to plug and play for any product you will be promoting.

This is worth N11,000 but you’re getting it for free today.


This is for anybody that finds it hard to make money on WhatsApp.

Maybe because you’re shy to sell on your WhatsApp

Maybe you think nobody will buy it because you only have your friends and family.

Maybe because you don’t know what to do

Or anything in between.

It doesn’t matter because this bonus material will show you exactly what to do to overcome any problem you have with selling on WhatsApp.

And it guarantees you money in the first 90 days.

This is worth N29,000 but you’re getting it for FREE today.


Yes, I made everything in this program and the bonuses so simple that even a 10-year-old kid will understand without asking his teacher.


But I know you will have a few questions here and there along your journey…


And you’ll want to interact with like-minded affiliate marketers too… either expert or newbie affiliates.


That’s why I created this AMMBassador community,


So as you go through the program,


If you have any questions, or you need guidance at any point… Just send a message to the community.


And either I or one of my experienced students will give you a detailed answer.


But that’s not all. We also hop on calls sometimes to show you the new strategies and how it works.


I also show you what I’m working on that’s bringing me money.


I also show the products you should promote that will bring you more money.

And you get access to this community all for FREE if you get the  AMMBassador today even though the community is worth N50,000.

Now, I Understand You Might Have Some Concerns When It Comes To Affiliate Marketing.

Maybe you think It’s a scam
Or It’s a multi-level marketing thing
Or It’s not legit
Or you even hate anything that has marketing with its name
Or anything thereabout.
I understand that and I will say they are valid concerns.


And the only way to ease all your concerns about the affiliate marketing industry is to try it with the right guidance.

All These Have Been Packaged Into The AMMBassador Program.

And just like Halima said below, it’s the go-to program to make money online.

You can get started with this program today and here’s how to lay your hands on it.


As you know right now that inflation isn’t waiting for anyone.


Everything keeps going higher every day.


What you bought at 100 Naira last week is N300 today.

That’s tripled!

What do you think in the next 2 months?


And it’s not only inflation.


The global recession too is coming and it will affect you and me. And earning extra income is only what will make you stay afloat with all these troubles.

This Will In Turn:
Give you your best life
Make you never worry about money again…
Allow you to afford whatever you need at the right time.
Allow you to take good care of your friends and families.
Allow you to take occasional vacations if you don’t want to leave the country finally.
Allow you even leave the country if you want to.
And many more.
And if I am to ask you…

How Much Does All This Worth To You?
To Me, It’s Priceless.
Especially when you consider you are getting:

THE AMMBassador PROGRAM (worth N200,000)
BONUS 6: THE FIC COMMUNITY (worth N50,000)

The Total Price Is N422,000.
But you won’t be paying anything near that price today.


You will agree with me that paying N211,000 which is just 50% of the total price for lifetime access is a good bargain for this program.

But you won’t be paying anything near that price today either.

How much do you think you should pay for this?





Well, you won’t be paying that price either today.

Because of what has been happening in Nigeria these days.

And because there’s really no time to waste making buying decisions (because the global recession is nearer than you think)

I want to make it easy and hassle-free for you to also make money with Affiliate marketing.

And because you are reading this right now… I have agreed with my team to give you a lesser price today.

All you have to pay is just…

N15,000 For Lifetime Access To The AMMBassador Program And The Bonuses.


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If you


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I have my contact on the program page, just send me a message requesting a refund.




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IMPORTANT: Earnings And Legal Disclaimers

Disclaimer: We don’t believe in getting rich- quick Programs, We believe in dedication, commitment, and hard work to your business. And that’s what our programs are designed to help you do. It takes your effort to succeed in every business. The Sales figures stated in our training are my personal sales figures and those of my students. They are NOT typical as it’ll depend on the level of work you put in, hence we do not guarantee any monetary gain.