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Unlock Your Creative Potential: Mastering Graphic Design with Corel Draw

Are you ready to unleash your creativity and become a master in graphic design? Look no further! Welcome to our comprehensive course, “Mastering Graphic Design with Corel Draw,” where you’ll embark on an exciting journey to transform your artistic vision into stunning visuals.


From a young age, I found solace and excitement in the world of creativity. Whether it was sketching in my notebooks, or simply daydreaming about endless possibilities, creativity became my constant companion.

I was not accidentally found in the design industry. Of course, I chose to be one.

The journey started during my SSCE together with my education but still at an early stage. After graduation, I started facing the reality of life, and I’m not the type that asks for money from my brothers. At one point, I did something nasty. I used my Jamb money given to me with the money I had to purchase a high pad to help my learning that year. I offered a lot of sacrifices, consistency, and dedication.

Long story short, I got admission in the second year and I got a PC to kick-start my creative journey. I started creating amazing designs for different brands with my PC and making cool money to sort out my bills in school. I’m now working with brands and agencies both Nigerians and Non-nigeria.

Observing individuals grappling with the complexities of the CorelDRAW interface, encountering challenges in producing captivating designs, and securing lucrative clients prompted my decision to develop this course. Its purpose is to aid aspiring designers in transforming their aspirations into tangible realities, imparting comprehensive insights into the fundamental principles underpinning the design industry.

Some of the brands I have worked and still working with are:

– Urbanhand Culinary School (Nigeria)
– Scrummie (Ghana 🇬🇭 )
– Nuella (Nigeria)
– Mogtech (Nigeria)
– UniqueZayt (Nigeria)
– Mahrok (Nigeria)
– Web Zenith (Nigeria)
– Mis Gan Foods (Nigeria)
– The Toronto Loctician (Canada 🇨🇦 )
– Vibrant Scents ( Nigeria)
– IV Relife (USA, Las Vegas 🇭🇲)
– Lazoe Foods (Nigeria)
– Parrot Hub (Nigeria)
– Medi Soga (Tanzania🇹🇿)
– Undiluted show by Olele (Nigeria)
– Matan Arewa vendor (Northern Nigeria)
and many other brands

I won’t elaborate much, but if you’re familiar with Nigeria, you’re aware of its economic challenges. Hence, it’s essential to seek a dependable method to earn at least ₦100,000 monthly.

If you’re interested in achieving this goal, you’re in luck. I’m here to unveil the secrets of how I consistently earn ₦100,000 to ₦200,000 monthly, and how you can start earning ₦100,000 or more per month too.

Have you observed the current exchange rate between the US dollar and the Nigerian naira?

It’s unbelievable.

And as a result, there’s a surge in the prices of everyday commodities.

Have you noticed how much Garri costs now compared to last year?

How about rice?





Even basic items like toothpaste are becoming incredibly costly. It’s becoming increasingly difficult for the average person to afford.

And It Worsen This year.

But that’s not the end of it all…


What about the workers?


The salary earners? They were the king before, especially at the end of the month.
But now?

It’s Getting Harder For Them To Buy Things Needed While Relying On Their Salaries.

Many would have gone to take a lot of loans before the salary came…And when it comes… it’s used to service loans. It keeps going in circles.


And as of March 2024 when I am writing this to you, the minimum wage is just 65 thousand Naira.


And a bag of rice is about 80k thousand Naira.

Now tell me, how will a whole family survive in this country?


And it’s getting harder than ever.

We can’t control it. You and I are not the government.

We can only find a way to wriggle out of it to make sure it doesn’t affect us.


And the only way?

Find An Extra Income.

Find something that will bring you money without relying on the Nigerian government or private entities.


Inflation is killing everyone.


Students stayed at home for over 8 months because of the government and ASUU strike.


Many had their life altered already.


And there’s no guarantee there won’t be a strike again in the coming years.


And the result of the strike is that students won’t find it easy to get jobs after school because job descriptions will be saying 24 years of age with 4 years of experience.


And if you’re a student affected by the just-called-off ASUU strike, you will definitely know what life after school is like after the 8 months at home.


It’s tough.

✅ You will find it hard to buy whatever you want for yourself because there’s no money.

✅You won’t be able to provide for friends and family because there’s no money.

✅You will feel frustrated about everything and just want things to get better.

And here we are with more threats of a global recession.


It is now common knowledge that the government has failed us.


They don’t care about you and me.


All they care about is how to embezzle the little money flowing into the economy.

And it is time you realize that “no one can save you except YOU.”

Just stick around because by the time you get to the end of this page… you would have discovered:

  • The sole information that changed my life and how it can change yours too
  •  The missing key from that information that wasted 1 year of my journey
  •  How to get the missing key and get started with it.
  •  How to easily start making at least N100,000 monthly in the next 30-50 days or less.
  •  And many more.

Introducing “GDC w/lofty”  Do you yearn for financial freedom while pursuing your passion?


Graphic Design Course W/Lofty is a PC graphic design course for both beginner and intermediate designers who are ready to unleash their design creativity.

It’s a prerecorded and beginner-friendly course you can pick at any time.

Corel Draw and Photoshop is a simple-to-learn, yet powerful design program. This course will teach you from the basics, even if you know nothing about Corel Draw or graphic design entirely.

It fueled my passion even more, driving me to make a positive impact on people’s lives. Little did I anticipate the challenges ahead.

The same individuals who were once close allies, who shared the dream of breaking free from government work, suddenly became adversaries. The camaraderie we once cherished evaporated as they turned their backs on me, subjecting me to mockery and rejection.

Why? Simply because I unveiled a new “idea” to them.

“Why are you doing this?” they questioned.

“Why are you sharing this to deceive people?”

“Why do you want to deceive people?” became their accusatory refrain.

Imagine the disbelief. After everything we had endured together, the trust and respect we had built, and the shared dreams of achieving greatness. It was disheartening to witness the dissolution of our once-unbreakable bond.

But that didn’t stop me from pursuing this “business idea”. 

If anything, their rejection motivated me to go all out and succeed in this business.

Like I said earlier, I didn’t want to work under any government. 

Because the government doesn’t even care about us.

The same way they didn’t care about the 85+ lives that were lost in the “mistaken” air strike on 3rd December 2023 in Kaduna.

GDC is not just about personal success; it’s about empowering individuals to break free from financial constraints and build a future of abundance.

Offering not just creativity, passion, growth but a pathway to financial independence. Join now and transform your life dreams into reality!

I transformed my adversity into success, rising to become a renowned Designers through the very “business idea” that my close friends had rejected because they are lazy and believe it is hard. Despite the initial skepticism and rejection, I persevered and turned my passion into a platform for positive impact.

Now, you might be wondering –

WHO I am and why I’m sharing this story with you.

The reason is simple – I want to inspire you. I want you to know that setbacks and betrayals can be stepping stones to success. By sharing my journey, I am telling you that making money is simply possible with GDC course which is all packed with values.

Even when faced with opposition from those closest to you. Embrace your unique ideas, stay resilient, and turn challenges into opportunities.

My name is Toyeeb Osuolale, Lofty Virtual is my brand name. I’m a brand designer with over 5 years of design experience. I have experience in creating impactful brand designs that resonate with target audiences. I’ve taught over 300+ students in the online space. I work with different brands both Nigeria and Non-Nigeria brands.

As evident from my journey, this has been a transformative force in my life, prompting me to share it with you today.

But that’s not the end of the story.

Driven by my fervent desire to assist those around me, I’ve generously shared this idea with every person willing to listen – extending my knowledge to everyone ready to take it.

My goal is to empower others, just as this idea empowered me, and to create a ripple effect of positive change.

Obtaining the GDC Course is your gateway to financial freedom, ensuring a life free from constant worries:

  • – You’ll learn how to use Corel Draw from Basic, showing you how to create a variety of different designs from real-life design projects. You’ll also learn how to set up inspiration and turn it into your creative designs.
  • – You will also get to learn Fundamental principles and basics of graphic design, such as Typography, color usage, color message, margin, hierarchy, proximity, and many of them.
  • – You’ll also have one-on-one access to the coach for mentorship and questions immediately after you finish the course.
  • – After completing this course, you’ll be able to use Corel Draw to create stunning designs and make cool money.

By embarking on this journey with the GDC Course, you are laying the foundation for a life where financial worries become a thing of the past.

  •  Just imagine never having to worry about money again.

  •  Imagine you’re able to afford all you need as an undergraduate or even a married man.
  •  Imagine you’re able to send stipends to them at home and they pray for you
  •  Imagine getting back the respect of your loved ones and friends
  •  Imagine being able to take a vacation out of Nigeria without doing yahoo or anything illegal.
  •  Imagine driving that car model you have always been fantasizing about.
  •  Imagine you can live through this recession and never have to worry about it.
  •  Imagine inflation not affecting you because you’re making a lot of money in an inflation-proof industry.

And This Will All Be Possible Because You Decided To Start this Program Today.


And Here Are Some Of The Things You Will See In This Part Of The GDC Course:


  1. Introduction:

    • Brief overview of the course objectives and what participants will learn.
    • Importance of graphic design principles in various industries.
  2. Basic Graphic Design Principles:

    • Understanding color theory, typography, layout, and composition.
    • Exploring the principles of contrast, alignment, repetition, and proximity.
    • Hands-on exercises to grasp fundamental concepts effectively.
  3. Preface to Corel Draw Software:

    • Introduction to Corel Draw interface and tools.
    • Navigating through workspace and customizing preferences.
    • Basic functions like creating shapes, text manipulation, and layers.
  4. Real-life and Fiction Designs: a. Flyers:

    • Designing eye-catching flyers for events, promotions, or businesses.
    • Incorporating effective messaging and visuals. b. Business Cards:
    • Crafting professional business card designs.
    • Utilizing branding elements and contact information strategically. c. Banner Designs:
    • Creating visually appealing banners for online and offline purposes.
    • Understanding dimensions, resolution, and file formats. d. Roll-up Designs:
    • Designing impactful roll-up banners for exhibitions or presentations.
    • Optimizing layout for maximum visibility and engagement.
  5. Presentation with Photoshop using Appropriate Mockups:

    • Integrating Corel Draw designs into Photoshop for further enhancement.
    • Utilizing mockup templates to present designs in realistic contexts.
    • Enhancing presentation skills to impress clients or stakeholders.
  6. 1-Month Personal Growth Schedule:

    • Tailored schedule for continuous improvement beyond the course.
    • Setting achievable goals for skill enhancement and portfolio building.
    • Incorporating feedback and self-assessment for ongoing development.

All for a one time payment of just #20,000 today instead of #30,000.

And you have nothing to lose because…


I want to give you 3 huge bonuses that will pay for themselves within a week of studying and implementing what’s in the bonus.


– Occasional live design session
– 3 months of FREE mentorship and lifetime access to resources.
– Free design resources worth of $9,000.


Each module is designed to progressively equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to thrive as a designer, from mindset cultivation to advanced creativity, and content creation techniques, providing a holistic and comprehensive learning experience.



You’re covered with my 30 days money back guarantee!

Your reluctance to proceed with the payment is completely understandable, and I respect that. To offer you reassurance and alleviate any apprehensions, I am introducing a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Here’s the straightforward proposition:

Upon purchasing GDC today, along with all the associated bonuses, delve into the comprehensive training videos and bonuses provided. Commit yourself to implementing each aspect diligently.

Now, if you discover that, despite earnestly applying the strategies, your life doesn’t undergo a significant transformation and you fail to achieve an income ranging between 50k – 100k within the initial 3 months, I encourage you to contact me.

All I request is for you to provide evidence of your dedicated implementation that didn’t yield the expected results. Upon verification, you will receive a full refund without any queries. This 30-day money-back guarantee is tailored to ensure your satisfaction and peace of mind as you embark on this transformative journey with GDC.


Will you pass up on the exclusive training tailored specifically for individuals like yourself?

Consider this…

You’re not obligated to enroll in this training…

You can exit this page immediately – no inquiries are necessary…


…with the ongoing struggles and responsibilities of providing for your family…

…with the enduring financial difficulties, clinging to hope for a stroke of luck…

You can erase the fact that you were ever presented with a unique opportunity to augment your current income by an additional ₦100,000.

Or you can take this opportunity now and turn your Creativity And financial life around!


IMPORTANT: Earnings And Legal Disclaimers

Disclaimer: We don’t believe in getting rich- quick Programs, We believe in dedication, commitment, and hard work to your business. And that’s what our programs are designed to help you do. It takes your effort to succeed in every business. The Sales figures stated in our training are my personal sales figures and those of my students. They are NOT typical as it’ll depend on the level of work you put in, hence we do not guarantee any monetary gain.