Attention: Entrepreneurs, Business owners and Online Marketers…

Join Sells Rocket's First Ever Digital Marketing Live Summit With Some Of The Top Intellectuals In The Country…

WITHOUT Paying Outrageous Fees For Their Time On 2nd December, 2023.


Prof Isah Ali Pantami

One of the most undisputed experts in the digital world, Prof Isa Ali Pantami, is a Nigerian politician and Islamic cleric, he served as minister of Communications and Digital Economy from 2019 to 2023. He also served as director general of the National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA) of Nigeria from 26 September 2016 to 20 August 2019, before he was nominated as minister and sworn into office on 21 August 2019.

And from his vast knowledge in digital economy and beyond, he will be there to give his take about the digital wealth of the internet.

Dr Mansur Isah Yelwa

Dr Mansur is a Shariah Board Member at Salam Takaful Insurance. He is a Senior Lecturer and Head, Department of Islamic Law, Bayero University, Kano, Nigeria. He specializes in Islamic Law; Comparative Law; Quranic Sciences; Conflict Resolution; Islamic Economics & Finance. Presently the Chief Imam of Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University, Bauchi.

A great opportunity to learn about Islamic economics and finance in relation to the digital wealth of the internet.

Dr Bashir Umar

Dr Bashir occupies a very special place in my heart because he studied in Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria just like me.

With a degree in Electrical Engineering, he then went to the Islamic University of Madina, Saudi Arabia and obtained his B.A, M.A and PhD in Hadith and Islamic Studies with specialization in Sciences of Hadith.

He has been involved in Islamic finance as Head of the Propagation sub-committee of the Committee for the Promotion of the then proposed Ja’iz Bank of Nigeria, during which he delivered a series of lectures on Islamic Banking and Finance in several parts of Nigeria.

He served as the chairman of the Shari’ah Advisory Committee of the Stanbic IBTC Bank Plc (Nigeria), and is currently a member of the Shari’ah Committee of the International Islamic Liquidity Management Corporation, as well as the Council of Experts on Islamic Banking of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN).

And he will be at the summit to share valuable information about finances and the digital world in general.

Dr Ahmed Adamu

Dr Ahmed Adamu is a Nigerian petroleum economist and lecturer. He was elected on November 12, 2013, as the first global chairperson of the Commonwealth Youth Council (CYC)

And he’ll be there to share his expertise with us as a leadership and personal development expert.

Dr Adamu Tilde

With 3 solid degrees under his belt, Dr Adamu Tilde is one of the most academically sound and hard working entrepreneurs Nigeria has ever witnessed.

He has invested a lot of time and resources into his farm business (poultry farms for producing eggs and broilers; ram fattening farm, and a banana plantation) and it keeps growing by the day.

From this venture, he is heading straight into the production of many value chain products that are rare in the country.

And he will be gracing us with his presence,  showing us clear steps to take to successfully combine both academics and entrepreneurship.

Limited seat available to the public

And just so you know…

Sells Rocket is the No. 1 Digital Marketplace In Arewa that has generated over #80 million naira through 6 months of launching.

And I am Sani Zakari,  popularly known as Coach Zaks.

The CEO and Founder of Sells Rocket.

But wait! This is NOT your typical business summit and here’s why:


This is going to be the closing event of a 2 day live conference which will be attended by a ton of respected entrepreneurs, top internet marketers and successful business owners around the country.

And even though the room will be filled with potential clients you can easily connect with and establish collaboration,  partnership and business deals with…

The number of seats for this event are half gone and only a handful is left.

This means, securing your own seat early is definitely a good idea.


If you look at the list of speakers above…

And you have any idea about the current economic situation of the country


  • Fuel is at #900 per liter…
  • A dollar is now #1000…
  • Food stuff is no longer accessible to the common man…
  • And inflation keeps rising by the day.

then you’ll know that this is a can’t-miss event for any serious entrepreneur who want to grow his/her business.

For example:

Dr Isa Panatami is easily the best person to listen to if you want to get the latest trends and insights about the digital industry.

Almost every aspect of many industries today are going digital and require digitally-skilled professionals in their team.

And who will be better in explaining how to effectively break into the digital world than the one time minister of the digital economy?



Prof Isha Yelwa is there for you if you have any concerns about the religious aspect of the digital wealth the internet has to offer.

It’s only right to be skeptical about things you’re just knowing for the first time.

Especially when it come to building a legitimate business.

But by hearing him speak, you know the exact step to take regarding the digital wealth the internet has to offer.

And so on.


The journey of an entrepreneur may tend to feel lonely sometimes.

You may come across one of two challenges in the process, you may even doubt yourself or feel like giving up completely.

But do not despair, it’s only natural that challenges come once in a while in life.

Just like Dr Adamu Tilde who spent countless hours studying and researching until he emerged with first class Masters from Hungary…

…but has now established himself as a full-time entrepreneur.

And in this summit, you get to interact with other successful professionals like him and hear their highly motivating stories too.

This alone can leave you with a brand new zeal and fresh ideas for your business.

By all accounts…

Limited seat available to the public

These are things you will hardly find anywhere other than summits like this one.

A chance to learn from the brightest minds in our Arewa.

And you’ll learn the most by listening to them speak, sharing their years of experience, and getting a real look into the minds of some of the great Intellectuals of our time

Of course you shouldn’t miss it for anything.

Because each of them will be giving their talk about…


And they may share some vital things they have never shared before in public.

More than anything, though, this event is focused on RELATIONSHIPS.

Making new ones, strengthening existing ones, and being a part of something truly special together.

Because being connected is the greatest value of attending a summit like this one.

Venue, Date And Time:

This conference will be held on 2nd December 2023.

Time: 9 am

Venue: Kaduna State (full address will be provided after registration)

So how can you be a part of this summit?

Before I tell you how to get a ticket, I want you to know that I’m also a Nigerian (living in Nigeria)…

I know how terrible the economy is and how worse it gets by the day.

Fuel is at #900 per liter, a dollar is now #1000, food stuff is not accessible to the common man, and inflation keeps rising.

I know all these and it’s very painful to watch a lot of citizens suffer, especially in Arewa.

Which is one of the reasons why I want you to attend this summit.

I want you to expose yourself to the digital wealth of the internet and never have to worry about any bad economy.

And as such, the cost of this summit won’t be one that will need you to break the bank.

This means, I made sure that the price will be affordable to those that are serious enough to get it.

But you should know that we have just 200 tickets for this summit.

Given the number of people that will be reading this right now – 1000+ people.

All 200 tickets could be gone within a very short period of time.

You don’t want some eager-to-pay buyer – who may already be paying for their seat RIGHT NOW – to beat you to it.

So, if you’re interested…

Just imagine what being in the presence of great minds like Dr Ali Isa Pantami, Dr Bashir Umar or Dr Adamu Tilde can do to your life right now.

Given their tight schedule, just an hour of their time can easily cost you #100,000 to secure.

If you know how busy these people can be, you’ll have an idea of what I’m talking about.

But like I mentioned earlier…

You’re not going to pay as much as #100,000 to get a ticket today.

And even though you’ll be getting access to more than one speaker and other summit souvenirs I don’t want to mention here…

You still won’t pay the #100,000 for the ticket.

Not even #50,000

Instead, you’ll get to secure a seat for just #10,000.

So… Are you ready to upgrade your business and life?

Are you ready to establish a business from the digital wealth of the internet and become independent of the government?

Are you ready to add some extra zeros to whatever you’re currently making now?

If your answer is yes, click on the button below and book your seat TODAY.

See you at the summit.

Sani Zakari.

Frequently Asked Questions

Coach Zaks, I’m just a regular citizen who’s looking for how to make money. Can I attend the summit or is it exclusive for only affiliate marketers and digital marketer?

Yes, you can attend the summit even as a regular citizen looking for how to make money.

Listen, the goal of this summit is to impact the entire Arewa community, especially those who haven’t been exposed to the digital wealth it has to offer.

And you, my friend, is a perfect candidate for it.

So get yourself a ticket today.

What is the date and location of the summit?

Date: 2nd of December,  2023.

That will fall on a Saturday, a weekend to remember.

Location: Kaduna State (full address will be provided after registration)

How much does it cost to attend?

It’s just a mere #10,000

Less than the amount you spend on data subscription every month.

And you get the rare-opportunity to learn from the best of the best.

So get your ticket now…

Who are the keynote speakers and session presenters?

They include:

  • Prof. Isa Ali Pantami
  • Prof. Mansur Isah Yelwa
  • Dr Adamu Adamu
  • Dr Adamu Tilde
  • Dr Mansur Isah Yelwa

And many more speakers that will be added soon.

Is there a limit to the number of attendees, and will the event sell out?

If you’ve delayed this point, I expect the seats to be sold out already.

But if you’re lucky enough to click on the button below and see it to be active, just know that we have just 200 tickets for this summit.

And it will be sold out before you know it.

So get your ticket NOW.

How can I register and purchase tickets?

Very easy.

Simply click on the button below and make your purchase.

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